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Men's Club Rowing

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Men's Club Rowing

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Men's Rowing, a program steeped in tradition, has launched its shells from the shores of the "Congo" along the Connecticut River for decades. This beautiful and picturesque river flows lazily through the Pioneer River Valley for most of the year. However, during the winter and early spring months it is also known for its heavy ice flow. This past winter the valley saw arctic temperatures, freezing the river solid, followed by a sudden thaw resulting in an ice flow never seen before. With bus sized pieces of ice moving downstream our dock was ripped from it's supports and disappeared down the Connecticut River leaving us with nowhere to launch our shells as we prepare for the spring racing season.









The University of Massachusetts Men’s Rowing team, boasts a deep alumni network, as well as, a rich history of racing in the sport of rowing. Being a privately funded team has many benefits:

  • A real sense of ownership of all gear and equipment on the team
  • True loyalty to the team
  • Everyone who is on the team, wants to be there
  • Setting our own prices for team dues
  • Managing our own budget
  • Buying boats (just like buying a car)

With a massive boost to our ranks, as well as, a severe increase in depth, we the Massachusetts Men’s Rowing Team are looking to get on the water as soon as possible, and make our great return to the world famous Dad Vail Regatta. With this in mind, we set our sights on a brand-new dock; one that we can remove during the winter however.


The search for new docks has lead us to the simple conclusion that we cannot do this on our own, and so we turn to our amazing alumni and friends of Massachusetts Men’s Rowing. This page has been set up to capture all incoming donations and put them directly into an account that will continue to collect until we reach our monetary goal.


Any and all donations are appreciated! Included on the donation page, are some incentives that may make adding an extra zero (or two or three) a little easier.


We thank you in advance for your generosity. Go Aggies!

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