UMass Court Club

UMass Court Club



The UMass Court Club is the official fundraising organization of UMass Basketball. The club offers financial and fan support to our program and our student-athletes that ultimately allows us to compete at the highest level. Membership in the Court Club also offers loyal UMass Basketball fans and friends the opportunity to significantly impact the team’s continued success and growth.  Your membership dollars this past year contributed to nutritional enhancements for the players as well as upgrades to the Strength and Conditioning Room in the John Francis Kennedy Champions Center.


This year we will again be offering the Young Professional and National membership options along with a new category. This new Select 100 Platinum level membership will provide you additional benefits and give you access to dinner with Coach McCall during the season.  The member benefits for this new category are listed in the chart below.


As we look to the future of the UMass Basketball program, now is the time for us to unite our alumni, friends and family in support of our outstanding student-athletes.  We have a host of new players on the team this year that are working extremely hard both on and off the court. 


Please consider joining the UMass Court Club today.  With the addition of your partnership and investment in our program, we will continue to build upon the extensive and proud tradition of UMass Basketball.


I look forward to seeing you throughout the 2019-2020 season!


GO UMass!



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Mark Parent, Executive Director

Bob McWilliams, President

Gordon Palley, Vice President

Tom Reidy, Clerk

Ron Nathan, Director

Jim Hunt, Director

Glenn Allan, Director

Paul Torpey, Director

Frank Lattuca, Director

Tim Collins, Director

Mark LaConte, Director



Select 100 Silver

Eric Decker

John Kennedy

Steve LaValley

Bob McWilliams

John Moynihan

Lloyd Ortman

Gordon Palley


Select 100

Glenn Allan

Allen Barker

Jonathan Bayuk

Donal Carbaugh

Stephen Constant

Joe DeMarco

Dave Eichstaedt 

Paul Engel

William Faria

Scott Favreau

Carl Fortin

Harry Gilligan

Greenfield Savings Bank

Rick Gulman

Bill Handrich

Ken Hintlian

Bill Hogan

Jim Hunt

Marc Idelson

Jerry Jones

Lisa Kautz

John Kendzierski

Mark LaConte

Frank Lattuca

John Loncrini

Glenn Lyle

Mike Mathis

Jerry Meyer

Mike McMahon

Ed Murphy

Howard Natenshon

Ron Nathan

Gordon Oakes

Mark Parent

Bob Pariseau

Dave Plantier

Tom Reidy

Rick Reault

Dave Roach

John Robison

Pierre Rouzier

Rich Rubin

Ed Shirley

Ken Slovin

Walter Storozuk

Chuck Swider

Paul Theberge

Thomas Tooley

Paul Torpey

Ed Ward

Steven Weisman

Peter Wells



Andy Bail

Glenn Briere

Carol Demerski

Thomas Giles

Mark Groffman

Todd Knightly

Rick Misiaszek

Melinda Novak

John Regish

Bob Rumore

Stephen Schavrien

Stephen Sireci

Michael Trammell


Young Professional/Captain

John Borges

Alex Brennan

Robert Carcich

Tim Collins

Sam DeLisle

Erich Dittrich

John Edgar

John Hamel

Aaron Hayden

Warren Hayden

Alex Kielb

Cliff LaSalle

Brian Long

Thomas Massetti

Jane McWilliams

Julia McWilliams

Corey Mortimer

Bradley Paul

Richard Perkins

Greg Rodak

Kevin Rodak

Joe Sepanek

Robert Twiss

Mark Waskiewicz

Melvin Webster


For additional information please contact Jason Germain at or 413-577-0267.


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