Laxbackers: Supporting UMass Men’s Lacrosse

Laxbackers: Supporting UMass Men’s Lacrosse

As you may have heard, the Laxbackers have taken up a new fundraising campaign for a State-of-the-Art, High Definition Videoboard/Scoreboard for Garber Field.  The new videoboard will improve the in-game atmosphere and marketing presentation during contests with clear, crisp live video and instant replays.  The display can also be split into multiple sections to show scoring and statistical information as well as graphics, sponsor elements and other event specifics, and the new videoboard will be in place for next season.

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The Laxbackers volunteered to raise $400,000 of a $550,000 expenditure. To date we have raised $450,000 toward our commitment which means we have surpassed our goal by $50,000. The additional funds will go into the Laxbacker account for Coach Greg Cannella to use at his discretion. In an effort to keep the momentum going along with the success of the 2018 team, we are continuing the fundraising so that everyone can be a part of this very successful campaign. We have received contributions from individuals as high as $50,000 but every dollar counts so we hope that you strongly consider what the UMass Lacrosse Program has meant to you and participate with your fellow alum. Your donation can be spread out over five years and is tax deductible. 


Pride.  Sacrifice.  Commitment.  Passion.  Legacy.  History.  Gorillas.


These words, these terms…. this is what UMass Lacrosse is about.  And these terms resonate directly with you because you lived them every day as a student-athlete.  You wore the maroon and white with pride, committed countless hours on the field, made sacrifices for your team and coaches, showed passion for the sport, left a legacy while in Amherst and were part of the storied history of the program.  You are a Gorilla.   


The experience as a Gorilla went well beyond the playing field.  It taught you about overcoming adversity, striving for goals, and simply… how to outwork the guy you were competing against.  Further, it provided leadership training, character building and how to be honest with yourself.  Each day you were on campus as part of the lacrosse program, you were collecting tools for a lifetime of success.  And you didn’t even realize it.


But today you do.  And today, you use these experiences and tools as a productive and positive member of your community as an employee, coach, husband or father. 


UMass Lacrosse provided life-changing experiences that have shaped you well beyond the four or five years on campus in Amherst.  They put you on a path for success over 40-50 years of your life.  This is the Gorilla experience… a transformative period that not many will ever get the chance to experience.  You did!


Brett Jenks ‘89 has already given $5,000 and he just pledged $10,000 for this next drive. “I am so grateful for my UMass experience.  I learned that leadership is as much about character as it is about talk or action.  I learned that team work is about trust and commitment as much as it about coordination.  And I learned that fun fuels performance. Oh yeah, and I got a wife out of the deal, and some of the best friendships of my life. There’s no way I can repay this debt, but I am definitely going to do my best.” 


Pride.  Sacrifice.  Commitment.  Passion.  Legacy.  History.  Gorillas.


Make a gift today to support the current lacrosse student-athletes.  Ensure the next 40-50 years of their lives is shaped by the same transformative foundation as you. 


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