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Join us in providing Arts/Access  outreach to all generations.

Fine Arts Center


The Fine Arts Center has worked for years to bring you nationally and internationally acclaimed performing and visual  artists while integrating creative and educational arts experiences—all under the umbrella of our Arts/Access outreach programs.




Join us... in providing these programs to a greater

number of students and community members by making a gift. You can choose the program that interests you most or give unrestricted for the FAC’s greatest needs. 



FAC's Arts/Access outreach programs include:


• Artist Connections—linking you with our artists; helping you explore the arts beyond the performance or exhibition


• Angel Tickets—providing complimentary tickets to the clients of human service agencies in our three counties so that all children and adults can have the arts in their lives


• Global Arts—daytime performances for K-12 students connect performances to schools’ curriculum—offering classroom discussion points, projects, and experiments


• Jazz in July Summer Music Program—two one-week sessions designed to immerse students of various ages and backgrounds into the study of jazz with nationally recognized instructors


• UMCA’s Curatorial Fellowship—a year-long independent project designed to deepen students’ understanding of the intellectual and practical tasks of curation in a museum setting; providing students with hands-on experience


Your support is needed now more than ever. 

Your gift to our Arts/Access outreach programs will reach        schoolchildren, college students, patrons, and community members, exposing them to the arts, educating and inspiring them in new ways.




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