Humanities and Fine Arts

With your support, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts provides the education and preparation needed for today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders.  There are many areas across the college that can benefit from your support.  Below are some of the areas where your support has a direct impact on our students’ success.  All gifts, large or small, benefit our students, and we are grateful to the alumni, parents and friends who give back to HFA. 


Your support of the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund will help sustain a vibrant intellectual environment that allows students to engage in rigorous and thoughtful inquiry, debate and creative work.  This fund supports student research in every department. Students can apply for grants to offset expenses related to research, including travel, books and supplies, and creative work, including theatrical productions, musical compositions, and original artwork.  By supporting student research, you are contributing to the production of knowledge and helping our students develop skills that are critical for success in college and beyond. 


Your support of the HFA Internship Assistance Fund provides valuable assistance to students who have secured an internship but need financial support.  Internships offer students the opportunity to gain valuable experience, gain professional development and build a network of mentors.  This fund provides financial assistance so students can pursue internships without worrying about making ends meet.  To learn more about HFA students’ internship experiences, please click here.

Your support of the Dean’s Undergraduate Scholarship Fund allows us to augment the scholarship awards made to undergraduate students in any of the college’s departments and programs.  This fund can also be used to provide assistance to students who have unexpected financial need due to emergencies or other unanticipated circumstances.

An unrestricted gift to the College of Humanities and Fine Arts provides funds that can be used to support a wide array of programs that advance the college’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of education and research, including student and faculty recruitment and retention. Your support will enable HFA faculty and students to engage with invited speakers, connect with mentors and develop initiatives to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.