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Opportunities for Giving

With your support, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts provides the education and preparation needed for today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. All gifts, large or small, for everything from programs to professorships to facilities to scholarships, support our students.

Students are the priority.

To enhance our ability to provide students with a meaningful, relevant, and inspiring education, HFA has prioritized three core areas that stretch across our fourteen diverse departments, and in some cases, the entire UMass Amherst campus.

Academic and Career Opportunities                         

Gifts may be made to provide the financial assistance students need to pursue the academic and career paths that inspire them.                              

  1. Dean’s Undergraduate Scholarship Fund: augments the financial assistance available with scholarships that may be awarded to undergraduate students in any department or program in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.
  2. HFA Internship Assistance Fund: internships can be life-changing, providing students with invaluable experience and opening the doors to future careers. This fund provides financial assistance so students don’t have to choose between gaining valuable experience and working an unrelated job simply to make ends meet (learn more about the internship experiences of HFA students in our Updates tab)
  3. HFA Study Abroad Support Fund: alleviates the financial burden of transformational junior year abroad and specialized programs, such as the Oxford Summer Seminar, Grahamstown Arts and Culture Festival course, and Critical Studies on Food in Italy program.

Writing & Research                          

Writing is essential and foundational to research and successful careers in all fields. HFA fosters the culture of writing and allows it to thrive across campus. Our dedication to teaching students the skill, craft, and art of writing sets UMass Amherst apart from other public research university campuses.

  1. UMass Writing Program: this program taps into our faculty’s cutting-edge research in the study of teaching writing and applies it to the instruction of all first-year students at UMass Amherst—more than 4,200 a year—and provides resources to junior year writing instructors, who teach 53 courses in 43 academic departments. Through the Writing Center, centrally located in the W.E.B. Du Bois Library, the Writing Program provides nearly 3,700 tutoring sessions per academic year for UMass Amherst undergraduate and graduate students.
  2. HFA Undergraduate Research Fund: This fund supports the broadest possibilities of diverse and unique “experiential research opportunities," like the storied Poggio Civitate Archaeological Excavation led by faculty in our Department of Classics. Students can apply for grants to offset expenses related to research or creative endeavors (like theatrical productions, musical compositions, or original artworks) that apply the skills and craft learned in the classroom.

Visiting Artists & Scholars    

Visits from accomplished artists and scholars foster collaboration and diversity and enrich the academic environment. The College of Fine Arts and Humanities has welcomed some of the world’s most respected living academics, artists, writers and researchers, from the English department’s Troy Lecture—that brings the likes of Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Sherman Alexie, and Zadie Smith to campus each year—to the history department’s annual writer in residence, to the linguistics department (ranked second in the world), who bring top researchers in the field to campus.

  1. HFA Visiting Artists & Scholars Fund: Gifts to this fund augment the scope of what is offered and may lengthen the duration of a visit.
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