College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

With over 4,500 students across twelve majors, the UMass Amherst College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) continues to make great strides, and any contribution you make today will help power that growth. Your gift to SBS will support our strategic initiatives to enhance:

1)  Student Success

Summer internships and study abroad programs can be life-changing opportunities for students, but are not always accessible due to the cost. With your gift, SBS can offer students experiential education programs like SBS in Boston and SBS in DC, and study abroad opportunities.

2)  Student Access

The Academic Fellows Program (AFP) is designed to provide specialized opportunities and programs for students who are first generation, from low-income families, and ALANA and other historically underrepresented groups. Over 2,000 SBS students are AFP-eligible, an expression of our commitment to diversity and to providing a supportive community. AFP students receive special advising and mentoring, and philanthropic support allows these students to access opportunities such as an alternative spring break in DC, and internships and research opportunities, regardless of ability to pay. 

3)  Faculty Excellence & Knowledge Creation

SBS receives hundreds of applications for a single faculty position, and we compete with the top universities in the world for faculty. Philanthropic support helps to recruit and retain the very best talent. Within over a dozen research groups and centers, SBS faculty conduct world class social science research with real-world, wide-ranging impact. 

4)  Boost Public Impact of SBS Students

UMass Women into Leadership (UWiL) is a competitive leadership training and professional development program that seeks to prepare students for public leadership. SBS students made up more than 90% of the new participants in 2021; by introducing these students to our state’s leadership and providing opportunities for them to gain first-hand experience of the benefits of public service, UWiL provides models and pathways into leadership – all while helping to address the gender gap in politics and creating a pipeline from public education into public service.