For over a century, the Bowker Auditorium has hosted plays, dance and music concerts, and some of the community’s and campus’s most special events. It is a vital community resource, a place where audiences have come together since 1915 to laugh, to be moved, to applaud.

Now, Bowker needs a hand.  It’s showing its age. It needs your help.

Last summer, we upgraded the patron’s seats. Now we want to improve the spaces used by the university, regional, and international performers who grace its stage.

How do we do that?

The basement has lab space that we can make over into a green room, dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, and needed storage space. They will be a welcoming and highly functional suite of spaces for performers. Spaces that will merit a resounding Bravo!

When performers can prepare to do their best, they deliver performances worthy of standing ovations –let’s ensure that Bowker keeps going strong for another century. Let's make Bowker better than ever before!

The Fine Arts Center has received a Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund and a UMass budget allocation to help make this happen.  The Fine Arts Center needs to raise the remaining funds to complete the project.  We hope, with your help, that we can reach $10,000 of that goal.

Please make your gift now (no gift is too small) and help make Bowker better! 


Thank you to the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund and UMass Facilities for helping to provide resources for this project.

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