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Whether you just want a single cookie, six quesadillas, or a place to hang out with your friends, Sweets and More has been providing students a safe, comforting, and friendly environment since 1975. Located in Field Hall, Orchard Hill at UMass Amherst, we are a 100% student-run co-op that strives to provide students with a fun place to enjoy affordable and quality food.

Over a year ago, we were absolutely heartbroken after learning we would all be sent home. Not only does Sweets provide a relaxing environment for our customers, but it also provides one for us as well. We know how much we want to get back into the store and can only imagine how much our customers are craving a shake or two as well :). That being said, we need your help, because we simply can not do it alone.

If anything good has come out of this terrible pandemic, it is the showcasing of human generosity. From our front-line workers to our teachers, to all those who donated their time and money to people in need, we have seen the power of generosity. All the co-managers at Sweets and More are now turning to you for that generosity. When the pandemic hit, we had little time to prepare. We lost thousands in inventory, took a huge loss when we had to pay two weeks of labor with no revenue, and, most importantly, have lost so many valuable co-managers as they move on to the next stages of their lives. We ask you for help so that when fall comes, we can reopen our doors to the new generation of UMass students and provide them the same fun-loving, relaxing environment that we all love to be a part of!

We are setting our goal at $5,000 because we know how much Sweets and other student businesses have struggled over the past year. We also know that this money will save an ecosystem of locations on campus that define the true nature of the community. 

A gift of any size will help! 50% of the proceeds will go directly to helping get Sweets and More back up on its feet and the other 50% will go to the rest of the student business community who are just as important in the culture of our campus.

Thank you so much and please check us out on our social media pages!

Website: Sweetsandmore.org

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/umasssweets/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/umasssweets/

Our way
of Thanking You


Hat Raffle

We know how much you love our customized embroidery hats, and that's why we are thanking you with one entry into our hat raffle! Team pink or team blue, winner's choice :)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2021


One to Remember

Along with raffle entries, we will write your name in our store on the giant chalkboard, as well as a special recognition on our website! Let your legacy live in our store and memories forever.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2021


The Way You Are

All the perk tiers above plus exclusive access to find out which Sweets shake you are. Because you are just so sweet!

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Estimated Delivery: May 2021


Cannot Say Enough

Thank you, so much. All the tiers above plus a customized video of current Co-managers saying thank you, because we truly appreciate your contribution!

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Estimated Delivery: May 2021


I'll be There for You

Have you imagined what it is like to work in Sweets? We will try our best to simulate that experience. For a sweet bonus, we will also provide two vouchers for shakes your heart desires. Plus all previous tiers.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2021


Exclusive Tour of the Store

Private in-store exclusive experience, you can bring up to three people and everyone gets a free shake, baked goods and a fun (and safe) tour of Sweets! Plus all the previous tiers.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2021
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