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Bust a Gut to Save Greeno!

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Bust a Gut to Save Greeno!

     Greeno needs funds to cover the costs of payroll, new equipment and most importantly the survival of the business as a whole. Due to Covid-19 many Co-Managers lost their jobs and had no reliable income. As a result, UMass decided to pay each Co-Manger 2 week’s worth of payroll directly from the Greeno account. Funds gained from this project would go to covering the payroll costs created by Covid-19. 

    In the past year, the equipment at Greeno, specifically fridges and freezers, needed replacing. In the past year, we managed to purchase new equipment, however at a hefty price. As well as previously mentioned payroll, Greeno would use the added funds to cover both past and future equipment costs. 

    Greeno is a student-run cooperative on Umass Campus. Since the 70s, it has existed and served as a safe place for students, its Co-Managers, and many more. Greeno acts as an example of a non-hierarchical, cooperative business model giving each member an equal say in the operations of the business. Greeno serves as one of the seven Co-ops on UMass Amherst’s campus, providing unique experiences for both its customers and Co-Managers. Links to both our website and Instagram are below 

     Greeno on multiple occasions has held many events including live bands, clothing drives, and supporting other student-run organizations such as the Poetry Club, WMUA, other co-ops, and many more. 

     From serving sandwiches to promoting other student organizations, Greeno is an integral part of the student-run business community at UMass Amherst. We acknowledge that these are hard times and money may be hard to come by. However, any donations would be much appreciated as they’ll help keep Greeno open and provide a safe space for many years to come. 



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Honorary Co-Manager

A value held by Co-Ops everywhere, if you invest, you're a member! Your name, should you choose, will hold a spot on the Honorary Co-Managers board on the Greeno Website!

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Estimated Delivery: February 2021


Shout Outs

Same as the previous perk, however, we will shout out any one of your social media accounts on the Greeno Instagram.

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Estimated Delivery: January 2021


Cheaper Subs? Count me in!

This perk yields you a personal 10% off coupon for any order upon our grand reopening!

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Remember The Name!

Your name and message will be proudly displayed on our website! All previous perks are included alongside as well!

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An Item in Thy Name

For a donation of this magnitude, you may bestow a name of your choice on an item of your choice for a whole semester!

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Estimated Delivery: February 2021