Women for UMass Amherst (WFUM)

Women for UMass Amherst

Women for UMass (WFUM) aims to engage the 162,000+ alumnae and students around the world with UMass Amherst and with each other through a variety of programming and philanthropic efforts that highlight women at the center of the university’s historic development and the fulfillment of its mission. By providing access, support, and opportunities to grow through female-centric programs and resources, WFUM fosters the positive impact of women supporting women and nurtures the talent of the next generation of female leaders at UMass.  

The WFUM Grants program promotes the advancement of campus initiatives focused on access, support, and opportunity for students.  Applicants from across campus are encouraged to apply for funding for any project that forwards the mission and goals of UMass Amherst, especially those that positively impact women and their respective communities.