Department of Theater

Unique circumstances require unique theater. The arts are an indispensable tool to help people cope with our situation, and to give them hope amid turmoil.

Every event we produce this fall explores what it means to make theater right now.

How do we make art safely during a pandemic? How do we respond to the challenges, put forth by BIPOC theater-makers, to create work that is more inclusive and respectful of their work and experience? How do we stretch our resources to accommodate these new ways of theater-making amid a bleak economic outlook?

UMass Theater is not charging for admission or selling subscriptions this fall. We realize this is a difficult financial time for many and we believe it’s important to make our work as accessible as possible as we consider these important questions.

However, that means that instead of having ticket sales to help fund the guest scholars and artists we need to put these works together — not to mention the unique technical and logistical demands of the season — we’re dipping far into our rainy day money.

We appreciate our community of audience members and we hope to be bringing you theater for years to come, in whatever form the circumstances and our imaginations allow.

If you have the means, please consider supporting our creative community with a gift in lieu of a ticket purchase.

-From all of us at UMass Theater

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