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November 18, 2019


Thank you so much for your generosity. Thanks to you, we are off to a great start towards meeting our goal! We still have 23 days left of our campaign, and are about 12% of the way there. Please keep sharing this page and spreading the word to whomever you think may be interested in supporting programs like ours that send students into the world to make a difference for people with communication disorders. In the meantime, let's test your knowledge on communication disorders! 


Did you know....

Faculty in the field of Communication Disorders helped create the Center for Language, Speech, and Hearing in 1959. The clinic has now served the needs of individuals with communication disorders and differences for over 50 years, and has graduated hundreds of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology students who go on to fulfilling careers making a difference for people with communication disorders ( We hope this campaign can shine a light on this UMass Amherst department doing such amazing work! 




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Novice Clinician

"First client! I hope this goes well. I feel like I might be sick!" You are just starting out! This clinic thing is all new to you. Baby steps! Thank you for your support of our clinical programs!


Advanced Beginner Clinician

"Wow! That wasn't so bad!" Your first few sessions are completed. It really wasn't that bad, and you're starting to gain a little more confidence. Good for you! Thank you for your support of our clinical programs!


Competent Clinician

"Oh my gosh, that actually worked!" You are starting to incorporate more evidence-based practice ideas and structure with your clients. You're trying new things, and they are showing positive results! Thank you for your support of our clinical programs!


Proficient Clinician

"I saw five clients today!" Your clinical confidence is growing day by day. You are seeing many more clients with a variety of communication and swallowing challenges, and are seeing the positive impact that you are making in their lives. You're doing amazing things! Thank you for your support of our clinical programs!


Expert Clinican

"Time to look for a JOB!" Remember when you were a novice? Not anymore! Your hard work and dedication have lead you to expert level. You have an abundance of knowledge on various speech, language, swallowing and hearing disorders, and you’ve got this evidence-based practice thing down cold! Congratulations! Thank you for your support of our clinical programs!

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