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Men's Rowing - Jack Frackleton '81

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Men's Rowing - Jack Frackleton '81

     We, the Aggies, being the longest-running club in the history of UMass, are deep-set in tradition. With a club rooting back to the year 1871, conquering Harvard in the regatta of 1871 and numerous victories in prestigious races such as the Dad Vails, we think it's only right to hold two values near to our hearts: honoring our Aggies from the past and providing an opportunity for Aggies of the future.


Dad Vail 2V Champions. Jack is third from the left.

   In the past two years we have seen a tremendous swell of young men and women who are eager to take up the legacy. Our current varsity squad sits at around 35 athletes hoping to make the top three boats this Fall, giving us a chance to develop strong depth throughout the program. With even more recruits and novice oarsmen on the way, we have many bodies and only a set number of seats. Regardless, we are extremely lucky to be in this situation!


Interior of a Hudson SP8+

   To increase our number of seats and keep up with our competition, we have decided to pursue a new racing shell. Our goal is to combine the pillars of our program by expanding our fleet and dedicating the new shell to an accomplished alumnus that new members for years to come can strive to match. The Hudson Super Predator 8+ will be the newest boat in our boathouse and a top varsity contender. The exact model, the SP.S8.32, is the following year's model of the Spirit of '66 shell we fundraised for several years ago. With two Hudsons at the top of our fleet, the Aggies will be better poised to compete alongside long term rivals such as UConn and Boston College.


1982 Worlds 4x

   We have also chosen alumnus Jack Frackleton '81 to dedicate our newest shell to. During his tenure at UMass '78-'81, Jack sat in the stroke-seat four consecutive years at the Dad Vails, winning two golds in the '79 JV and once more in the '80 V8. In his final year, Jack again lead the V8 to a bronze medal. Jack later continued to compete at a high level, sitting three-seat of the US 4x in the '82 Worlds as well as the '83 Pan-Am Games. In '84, Jack bowed the US 4x, winning yet another gold at the Lucerne Regatta. Over the next four years, Jack's tenure with the US team continued as he earned a spot as the two-seat of the US 4x for the '88 Games in Seoul. After his rowing career, Jack went on to coach both Merrimack College and the Merrimack River Rowing Association, growing and shaping both programs into high-level teams. Mr. Frackleton is beloved by his peers and continues to inspire the next generation of Aggies.



Massachusetts Men's Rowing in Gainesville, at the ACRA (May 2019)

We are beyond excited to see the full potential of our varsity squad this upcoming year and hope you will aid us in reaching it. Our goal is to have the shell by the Fall so we may dedicate the Jack Frackleton '81   at the 2019 Head of the Charles. Thank you very much for all of your support, and...


Go Aggies!


To keep up with Massachusetts Men's Rowing as we compete for the 2019-2020 school year, join our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, or check back with the website once we start racing this Fall!

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Stroke Seat

You've pushed 'em back a seat, but now's not the time to sit still. Keep moving up that boat!


Seven Seat

You've got your coxswain past their stern pair! That's the pace-setters down, now for bow six.


Six Seat

You've pushed them back to the engine room. They don't always row pretty but they sure can move a boat!


Five Seat

You've got your coxswain on their five seat! It's a small lead, back that blade in and get some bend in that oar.


Four Seat

You've got half a length on the other crew! Time to sit up and get looong.


Three Seat

Three seat, this is where things get fun! You're on your way, hunker down and fight for it.


Two Seat

You've got their two seat! You've worked hard to get this far, and that gold medal will be worth it in the end.


Bow Seat

You've pushed them back to their last man, but it's not over yet. Why stop there?


Bow Ball!

BOW BALL! The call coxswains love giving and rowers dream about. You've dominated the competition and now it's on to open water. Well done!

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