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Protect Our Breasts Empowerment Patrons

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Protect Our Breasts Empowerment Patrons

ABOUT US---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   

The mission of Protect Our Breasts is to share the conversation about chemicals in everyday products found on the grocery shelves that contribute to breast cancer; empowering women to make safer choices during one of the most vulnerable periods of our lives. We provide information on new scientific discoveries and on how to make safer choices now to prevent breast cancer in the future.

Protect Our Breasts is an interdisciplinary experiential learning course in the Isenberg School of Management/UMass Amherst with biology/public health which serves as the national executive board online for social media and offline to local chapters. We share with our peers online through our blog and social media and offline at our chapters' campus events.      



BECOME AN EMPOWERMENT PATRON----------------------------------------

College may not be a time young people should have to worry about breast cancer, but we do. With one in eight women diagnosed, we are surrounded by family and friends with the disease. We know the current science says there are things we can do to help prevent a diagnosis later in life, but we need to know what and how…easily.

As an Empowerment Patron, you can help Protect Our Breasts ensure that college-aged women are getting the important information on harmful chemicals in everyday products, empowering us all to make safer choices in the grocery store. Your valuable contribution will help fund the expansion of Protect Our Breasts, and help us build relationships with Natural Products industry leaders who are dedicated to bringing us safer products.

We have dedicated our college careers to this critical effort because we believe we can make a difference. We hope you will join us in empowering our friends by becoming a patron today.




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Your gift may distribute 100 Protect Our Breasts Tip Cards to 100 different students.



Your gift may supply Protect Our Breasts Tip Cards to an entire college campus.



Your gift may fund the recruiting costs to start a new chapter on a college campus.



Your gift may send a student to meet safer brands at the Natural Products Expo East.



Your gift may send a student to meet safer brands at the Natural Products Expo West.



Your gift may launch a new chapter of Protect Our Breasts including an ambassadors' materials kit and campus visit.

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